Pure Life Nutrition Reset Program with Gin Burchfield - LIMITED TIME


Reset your approach to nourishment. 

Nurture your inner well-being. Please join our friend and colleague, Gin Burchfield in her Ayurvedic approach to healing: 

Visit her site and learn more about Ayurvedic healing.

This one week course will focus on the basics: When, What and How to Eat

  • What time of day is your digestion strongest? 
  • What are the foods your body can most easily digest/derive deep nourishment from? 
  • How can you construct your dining experience to be emotionally and physically ready to eat?

You will receive: 

  • Spring Nutrition Reset Workbook – a 3 week plan that you can condense or use in full.
  •  Access to Pure Life Nutrition Reset Facebook Group (for questions, daily Facebook lives, and support)
  • 3 live Zoom calls (Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday) to learn, ask for laser coaching and receive specific support.

*FOR A LIMITED TIME - Enter "purelife10" at checkout and receive $10.00 off the program - Offer ends at noon on Memorial Day May 25, 2020.