Fat Burner Weight Loss DIY Program (Do It Yourself)


How many times have you known someone who limited their own potential over a few pounds of fat on their body?

You get to be the driver of your health destiny. Learn to reverse the dirty genes that have been triggered by all of these factors.
​Learn to detoxify your cells safely.


Healthy Nutrition & Diet
We address your nutrition by giving you clear, easy-to-follow diet protocols to maximize your fat burn. This is NOT a starvation diet! It's flexible enough that you won't be hungry all the time. We provide a shopping list of healthy, whole food options as well as providing a few simple recipes so you don't even have to think about what to eat.

Doctor Support
Via the included online university or in the included printed booklet, Dr. Puja will guide you through this 63-day program — 42 days of fat loss online coaching followed by 3 weeks of maintenance and metabolic reset so you can KEEP the fat OFF. You'll get a guide booklet and an online university that you can reference at any time that lays out the entire program so there's no confusion! 

Fat Burning Supplements
The supplements below are included with the program! They are designed to support your body in its healing process and maximize fat burning.

  • Fat Burner Program Proprietary Blend Drops
  • Raspberry Ketone Proprietary Blend Drops
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Drops
  • Blood Sugar Balancing Fiber
  • Liquid Methylation Stress Support for DNA Repair
  • Body Composition and Microbiome Balancing Probiotics
  • Protein Powder (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How long is the program?

63 days.

+ ​Will I be able to drink alcohol on the program?

Alcohol will slow down your progress and it is highly suggested not to drink alcohol during this program but we will guide you how to replace it safely.

+ Is it okay to use the Fat Burner Program during a menstrual cycle?

Yes. The best time to start the program is the last 2 days of a menstrual cycle. By doing the loading phase on the last two days of menstrual cycle, you maximize your weight loss. If you have your menstrual cycle during the program, be aware that water retention will cause a fluctuation in daily weight loss. After the menstrual cycle is complete, normal weight loss will resume.

+ ​Can Diabetics do the Fat Burner Program?

Yes. You MUST consult with the supervising Doctor on maintaining your proper blood sugar levels while using the program.

+ ​Will I be hungry on the program?

The goal is NOT to be hungry and there are plenty of foods that can be eaten to alleviate hunger. We will coach you an these foods and you can also refer to the program guide included in your package.