Systemic Formulas C – Colon Constipation Support

Balances Ph. C-Colon contains nutrients, bicarbonates and herbs to help colon function. It works with both liver and colon, increasing peristaltic action to move waste through the Large Intestine.

C-Colon helps tone bowel tissue and acts as a hydragogue (drawing water into the colon to facilitate moister bowel movements). Helps reprogram the circadian rhythm of colon function when taken at bed to help bowels move in the morning. This natural, non-gripping formula builds and heals the colon, balances pH and softens the stool. 

Can also as a safe occasional laxative. Avoid toxic laxatives such as Mineral Oil and Propylene Glycol (Read those labels on prescription and drug store products!)

Works well D- Digest. Do not take this product long-term for constipation.

Quantity = 60 Capsules